James & Angie on Sentosa Island

Here is PART ONE of the James & Angie in Singapore series! Enjoy!

I’ve decided to blog about Sentosa first, even though we didn’t visit the place until about halfway through our trip. Anyway, Sentosa was a lovely little getaway from the bustle of the city! The weather was a little hot and the sun was really bright that day, but it was a gorgeous day. Lucky us, because it’d been raining and/or drizzling part of the time we’d been there (it was the monsoon season). The clouds were amazing at Sentosa! And because we chose a weekday to go and school break was over, the island too wasn’t packed. Perfect.

We went to Vivo City afterwards, where we wandered around looking at cute little stores as well as ridiculously big stores like Toys ‘R’ Us (the toys kids play with these days I tell you!). We also watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I was quite impressed with the cinematography and the storyline wasn’t bad. It was all very dramatic and Sherlock Holmes dies in the end, but not really, so yeah. Oops, I think I spoiled it for you guys. We also had dinner at this nice Japanese restaurant where I tried some new stuff. We had some tofu cheesecake and plum wine tiramisu for dessert.

This impressive Merlion? Made entirely of Lego blocks. Neat!


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