A Sneak Peek at Angie’s New Nikon D3100

Hello, readers! I have very exciting news to share with you! A couple of days ago, my daddy bought me a new DSLR camera to play with! Yes, I know, I’m a very spoilt little child. It’s a Nikon D3100 and it came with a twin lens kit for a very good price. An excellent price, in fact. Why? Because, upon getting home and checking the kit and the receipt, I discovered that they made a mistake in charging us for the camera and we ended up paying at least a hundred dollars less for the already-discounted product. Lucky me!

Anyway, I haven’t had many opportunities to gallivant and take awesome pictures with my new toy yet because of university commitments, but I’ve been playing around with it and managed to sneak in a few test shots during my free time.

Majority of the pictures I’ve posted in the past have been taken using my iPhone 4. I’m happy that I’ve got a proper camera now so I can share clearer, higher quality images with you guys! Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll forget all about my handy iPhone camera and all the convenient filter applications I have! :)

Comments? Questions? Feel free to say anything!

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