A Weekend Getaway on Hamilton Island

A feature blog entry by James, who attempts to summarise his weekend trip to Hamilton Island with his lovely family…

“So, after finishing my final exams on Friday night, I flew to Hamilton Island to meet up with my family and to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Saturday was a fairly relaxing day, mainly spent by the pool eating a fairly average bowl of nasi goreng and trying to tan my relatively pale skin. That night, we headed to the yacht club for my sister’s birthday dinner! Being a somewhat posh restaurant, you would expect my family to have some decorum, but instead we spent about two hours turning our napkins into chickens and pirate hats and forcing the chef to take pictures.


The next day, we took the ferry over to the golf club on Dent Island for some lunch and a tour of the back 9 holes. The views from the course were incredible! That night, we stayed in and ordered some amazing pizza from a café on the island. The next morning, my father and I went on a little adventure across the island to have a .22 rifle shooting and go-karting competition. Despite ending up with a horribly bruised back due to some harsh driving, I still beat him! That afternoon, we spent an hour driving around the island on a jet ski tour.


Tuesday was our final day on the Island, so we spent the morning packing, then got some very tasty tapas for lunch before leaving at 2! Overall, it was a really good weekend, and a nice break after two and a half weeks of studying and exams, but I was very happy to get back home to Angie.”

Comments? Questions? Feel free to say anything!

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