Makeshift Macro: A Blurry Aquatic Story

Because I read somewhere that you can create your own makeshift macro lens by attaching a magnifying glass to the end of your camera lens, I decided to try it out for some fun. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I actually managed to get a few creative close-ups of the fish in my aquarium. Okay, so the shots weren’t perfect, but then again, the fish were darting all over the place and it was hard to get still shots of them! Oh well, imperfections and peculiarities are what make photographs infinitely unique and irreplaceable anyway!

Equipment: Nikon D3100 + NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5 lens + a magnifying glass.

Anyway, whimsical experimentation aside, I would like to let you readers know that James and I are leaving for Tokyo early tomorrow morning. Our flight is at 8:00, which means we’ve gotta be at the airport by about 6:00. Oh, I bet you it’ll be freezing at that time! Winter’s here and it gets unbearably cold in the early mornings. Ugh. But, but, but… JAPAN! We’ve waited forever for this trip, and now we finally get to go! I promise to take heaps of fancy pictures while I’m there so that when I return, I’ll have something to blog about! In the meantime, I won’t be updating for the next couple of weeks while I’m away. But watch this space for Japan posts when I get back! :)

Also, tomorrow marks our 16th month together as a sexy couple. Yeah, we’re cool! ;)

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