The Heart of Beautiful Brisbane

A couple of weekends ago, James and I hopped on a train from Helensvale and headed into Brisbane. We mainly stuck around Queen Street and South Bank. Places that were nostalgic to us.

Before we started our relationship, Brisbane was one of the few places we went to as just friends. Well, we didn’t really see each other often before we became a couple. Probably because he was my brother’s friend and being with him meant Kevin would be there too, but mostly because we were both too shy to do anything about it. Anyway yes, Brisbane was one of the places we went to without Kevin knowing. We caught the train up and were stuck in the city the entire day, together and alone. Oh, you should’ve seen us! There wasn’t a time where it was awkward. We just had so much to talk about. Don’t even know what we talked about. But we just couldn’t stop. We had so very much in common. It was so much fun!

Two days after that, we confessed we liked each other and decided to start a relationship.

A year and a half later, we’re still together and very much in love.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to say anything!

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