Elephant Rock Lookout, Currumbin Beach

We went on a little road trip to Currumbin Beach yesterday. The weather was just perfect for the weekend. Clear blue skies and warm sun. I love sunny days in winter. We stopped at Burleigh Heads for a bit and walked around the park. People were everywhere, walking their dogs, jogging, riding bikes, taking their kids out… They all knew how awesome the day was.

I’d never been to Currumbin Beach before and was quite pleasantly surprised by the Elephant Rock Lookout. It overlooks the beautiful blue waters of the sea and if your eyes follow the coastline, you’ll see the Gold Coast in both directions.

Facing south, towards Coolangatta. Someone wrote a naughty word in the sand…
Facing north, towards Surfers Paradise. You can see the buildings.
Facing inland from the lookout. A plane was coming in to land at Coolangatta Airport.
Interesting rock formations below us.
Look at that adorable smile of his!


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