Panorama Lounge @ Royal Pines Resort

We had lunch at the Panorama Lounge a few weekends ago. The menu wasn’t very extensive and the food wasn’t the best, but it was decent and not too overpriced. Our initial plan was to eat at one of the better restaurants at the resort, but unfortunately, majority of them were closed due to a horrible lack of business. It was kind of sad to see how deserted the place was. Maybe it just wasn’t the season for staying at resorts and playing golf?

The Panorama Lounge itself is well-lit and boasts a pleasant ambience as it sits directly under a glass dome ceiling that fills the area with natural light. However, it is perhaps not the best place to have your lunch owing to the distinct shortage of proper dining tables and an odd abundance of awkwardly low lounge tables that make it difficult to eat comfortably. It would be a better destination for enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the daily newspaper in the morning while munching on some pastries.

Wagyu burger with cheese, salad and home made tomato relish ($11.00)

Angus steak sandwich with onion jam, salad and bacon on turkish bread with aioli ($11.00)

Assorted cakes and desserts (prices vary)

RACV Royal Pines Resort
Ross Street, Benowa
Gold Coast, Queensland, 4217
Level 3, adjacent to reception
Opening Hours: 7am – 5pm (Mon-Sun)

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