Beauty Over Water: The Helix Bridge @ Marina Bay

The Helix Bridge has come to be one of the more iconic landmarks in Singapore. From afar, it looks like a twisting, twirling, jewelled snake of colour-changing lights suspended above the Singapore River. When you’re actually on it, in it, you feel like you’ve been transported forward in time to a futuristic world, made to wander the interior of a shiny, metallic spaceship fitted with fancy windows that look out to water and sky.

As the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, it doesn’t disappoint. It offers amazing views of other iconic landmarks including the majestic Singapore Flyer, the imposing Marina Bay Sands, the lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum and the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Meticulously assembled over a period of two years and finally open to the public in April 2010, the curved bridge sports a recognisable double helix appearance modelled after the structure of DNA.

“The Helix Bridge is illuminated at night by ribbons of LED lighting accentuating the interplay of the two helix tubes and their intervening, connecting ties. Four ovular-shaped ‘pods’ cantilever out from the structure enabling people to gain wider appreciation of the bridge form and providing gathering space for viewing bay events.”  – ArchDaily

The bridge provides a wonderful vantage point for avid photographers looking to capture the beautiful views of the harbour and the glittering city skyline. We saw a few lovely couples posing for professional wedding photographers out on the viewing platforms. The backdrop would create such amazing shots! Personally, I think that the Helix Bridge is a magnificent piece of architecture that offers so much character to the bay area.

 Cox Architecture + Architects 61
Location: The Helix at Raffles Avenue and Bayfront Bridge, Singapore
Cost at completion of construction: SGD$82.9 million (~AUD$65.5 million)

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