These Glittering Shades of Summer

Summer isn’t even officially here and already, it seems like it’s hit the Gold Coast hard. Humidity levels have spiked, the early morning sunrise brings a spiteful glare that hurts the eyes and the last of the chilly hide-under-the-duvet nights have gone. I was getting sick of winter, but now that the heat is rising, I’m starting to miss the days of layered clothing and thick socks.

That’s not to say I dislike the impending season. It brings the perfect opportunity to take lovely, crisp photographs in wonderful lighting conditions. Special things tend to come into focus and grab your attention. Like when James’ next-door neighbour’s miniature schnauzer, Chilli, came out for a little wander around the driveway. When I called out to her, she bounded towards me excitedly. Such an adorable dog!

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