Fragrant Peanut Cookies (花生饼)


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First and foremost, we would like to wish all our readers 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè)! In other words: Happy New Year! Of the lunar kind, that is. Now, with Chinese New Year in full swing, who isn’t tempted to try out some intriguing recipes for traditional sweets, cakes and cookies?

Growing up in the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore and Malaysia, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to savour a number of delicious Chinese New Year goodies when the occasion arose. I’ve even had the good fortune of coming home from visiting relatives a few hundred dollars richer every year thanks to all of their ang pow (red packets).


The Chinese take their food very seriously and many of their dishes and desserts have certain luck-bearing significance. Take, for example, the famous pink-tinted Longevity Buns (寿桃 shòu táo), shaped to look like adorable peaches and eaten by those who aspire to live a long and healthy life. Or the sweet and sticky New Year Cakes (年糕 nián’gāo) made with glutinous rice flour that symbolise promotion or prosperity. Whether one believes in food having the power to bring such good fortune or not, one thing’s for sure: this yearly tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year is a yummy one.

James and I made a batch of these peanut cookies (花生饼 huā shēng bǐng) to kick start our lunar new year. The peanut is an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture. Like noodles, they represent longevity. They are also said to bring about prosperity, stability and good fortune.


Fragrant Peanut Cookies (花生饼)
a delicious Chinese New Year snack symbolising longevity.

This recipe has been moved to our gorgeous new website at!

Click here to view the full recipe for these homemade Fragrant Peanut Cookies

14 thoughts on “Fragrant Peanut Cookies (花生饼)

  1. Wow Angie and James! They look very professional! Nice job! Funny you mention the Longevity Buns, mum and I always thought they looked like bottoms, so we called them bottom buns! =p Happy Chinese New Year fellow Aussies, and thank you so much for following my blog! =)

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