Such Lovely Autumn Sweethearts

Black Swan

I’ve once mentioned the black swans here on this blog and how they were unusual visitors to the river out the back of my house. I never really saw them after that incident and it was a wonderful surprise to see them back again for the impending winter, no doubt looking for a bite to eat. This time, instead of six, there were only two; a loving couple who shared the habit of chasing ducks away when they got too close to me just because they wanted the bread crumbs all to themselves. They also enjoyed hissing at my dog when he tried to go near them (yes, they actually make distinct hissing noises when unhappy), and honking loudly at me to get my attention.

Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan

8 thoughts on “Such Lovely Autumn Sweethearts

  1. They look so elegant and mystical. I think the ballet dance, Swan-lake, helped created the image of the black swan as a beautifully dark, mysterious creature. :D

  2. Such gorgeous photos! Black swans are one of the emblems of Western Australia… probably as they’re absolutely everywhere over here. One of the riverside cafes I go to has a real black swan ‘problem’… as in, the black swans end up walking right into the cafe and harassing the patrons! Aaron (my husband) and I went there for coffee a couple of weeks ago and one of the fat black swans actually came up and put its head on our table. So cute. But so annoying (the wait staff at the cafe have to gently usher the swans out at least 20 times per day). They’re beautiful birds but they’re darn persistent!!

    1. Oh dear. I can imagine black swans becoming quite aggressive… especially where theres’s food involved. But they can be so adorable! Unfortunately, the problem with them harassing patrons stems from generous humans feeding them human food in the first place. The swans just become a little too dependant on us!

      1. Yep you’re completely right. I think many people can’t resist their cute little faces coming up to the table (they really are lovely. I just wanted to pat it!). I never blame animals for infiltrating human environments. After all, they owned the habitat before we built upon it! :)

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