Morning Light at the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

Looking for adventure, we drove about 20 kilometres inland to the fabled Currumbin Valley Rock Pools on Monday. Being a weekday, we were met with quiet roads and even quieter surroundings as we ventured through the lush countryside to get to our destination. We saw more farm animals than we saw people. Everywhere we looked, we were greeted with grassy hills, winding river valleys, steep mountainsides and gorgeous plateaus of tree-dotted land. The sun was out, the winter air was crisp, and we were amongst nature. Beautiful, unblemished nature.

The rock pools themselves were bubbling with enthusiasm when we arrived. Surrounded by natural rainforest and curious wildlife, one can easily understand why this little gem is popular to the locals. It makes for a perfect getaway spot to relax and unwind; a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, the simple things matter: skipping pebbles across the water, taking a dip in the cool shallows, tanning yourself in the sunshine, having a little picnic out in the open. When you hear the trickle of water running over glistening rocks and see the slivers of sunlight through the leaves and branches above, you know magic.

9 thoughts on “Morning Light at the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

    1. Hm, unfortunately I don’t have any hints! We just searched ‘Currumbin Rock Pools’ on Google Maps and followed its directions to a tee. We got there with no problems! :)

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