Top 5 Recipes on {angie & james do stuff} for 2013

Best Recipes 2013

Happy 2014, readers! Is anyone out there missing 2013 yet? Heh. I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s gift-giving frenzy that was Christmas and ushered in the New Year with a huge bang! This honestly feels like the first time I’m properly using my laptop in weeks. It has just been so hectic this festive season, hence the painful lack of updates. Brown paper, sassy ribbons, colourful twine and a plethora of other ingredients for gift-wrapping took over my life for a little while (not a bad thing). Thankfully, I finally have the time to publish a list of this blog’s Top Five Recipes of 2013! These guys have chalked up thousands of views over the past year, making them pretty darn popular. I am so excited to share them with you once again!

five | chinese wolfberry (goji berry) matcha cake

Goji Berry Matcha Cake

It goes without saying: we’ve made many different types of green tea cakes over the years, from two-toned cheesecakes to steamed mini cupcakes. But of course, this loaf cake is something special. Yielding a spongy soft and stunningly green crumb with adorable specks of red, this matcha and goji berry creation is all kinds of tasty… and just a little bit healthy for you too! { Interested in other easy-to-make loaf cakes? Have a look at this eggless and butterless chocolate rye loaf! }

four | orange & cinnamon chocolate brownies

Orange & Cinnamon Brownies

At number four, we have our delightfully moist orange and cinnamon brownies, made extra sinful with a good dose of both milky white and fragrantly dark chocolate. Perfect as a sweet post-dinner dessert or a late afternoon energy booster, these brownies will never fail to impress. The chopped walnuts provide a contrast in texture, with their subtle crunchiness hiding in the soft, melt-in-your-mouth cake. { Counting calories? For a healthier alternative, try our eggless honey & chia seed brownies. }

three | blueberry blondie bars {with coconut oil}

Blueberry Blondie Bars

This one holds a special place in my heart. Blueberries are my absolute favourite. Filled with precious antioxidants and bursting with flavour, these gorgeous little gems give this decadent blondie recipe some oomph. Add some aromatic coconut oil and you end up with a gorgeously moist, delicately fragrant crumb. Despite the fact that these started out as an experiment and weren’t actually supposed to turn out the way they did, you readers seem to think they’re pretty awesome nonetheless! { If these blondies seem a little too rich for you, try our flourless peanut butter & cacao nib blondies instead! }

two | flourless hazelnut dark chocolate cake

Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

Just a little bit addicting is this dense chocolate baby, subtly flavoured with kinako. It uses ground hazelnuts in place of flour, so we have here a zero gluten and zero grain recipe (always good if you want to escape the prevailing horrors of wheat belly). Incredibly gooey and fudgy, this rich bittersweet cake is best reserved for a day of ultimate indulgence! { Big fan of chocolate desserts that are entirely gluten and grain free? Take a look at our recipe for chocolate & honey cake donuts with cream cheese glaze! }

one | baked soft & chewy yeasted cinnamon sugar donuts

Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Coming in at number one are our soft & chewy yeasted cinnamon sugar donuts. Honestly, who in the world can resist a freshly baked donut dusted in sparkly cinnamon sugar?! The dough itself is spiced with a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom, giving us a very unique flavour profile. And because they are baked, not fried (like most donuts typically are), these rings are not saturated in oil and fat, making them much healthier. Perfect! { Not patient enough to wait for the dough to rise? Fear not! We also have a recipe for pillowy cinnamon sugar banana bread donuts that requires no yeast! }

And that’s it, guys! The shining stars of twenty-thirteen! We have a very exciting lineup of blog entries coming soon – lots of restaurant reviews and healthy recipes that I can’t wait to share with the world! I hope the new year brings endless excitement and amazing opportunities to your lives. Have a great year ahead, everyone!

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