Angela’s Birthday Weekend Getaway – Sydney {2014}


Last Sunday marked my 24th birthday. To commemorate, my beautiful soulmate told me to take Friday off work and organised a surprise getaway over the weekend. He picked the location, booked the hotel, planned our modes of transport, and pretty much settled everything without telling me very much. And when Friday finally dawned at 5 in the morning, James whisked me away to Sydney. Because of work and university commitments, James wanted to start our trip as early as possible to make the most of my birthday weekend, hence his idea to book a flight for 6:10AM. We arrived in chilly Sydney a couple of hours later, hopped onto a bustling train, and headed towards our hotel. QT Sydney is a designer boutique hotel located in the heart of the CBD. Chic and modern, yet retaining a distinctly retro feel with its timeless interior décor, I found it very hard not to fall in love with the place immediately.

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We did a number of things while we were in Sydney, most of which I will dedicate separate blog posts to, but here’s a brief summary of the places we visited over the couple of days we were there: we explored the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, took photographs at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, wandered Darling Harbour and Circular Quay, took a ferry to Taronga Zoo, spent many hours at aforementioned zoo, had a satisfying dinner at Yebisu Izakaya, got lost in Chinatown. I’d say it was a weekend well spent. Here are a handful of assorted shots we took of Sydney’s prettiness:

Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Sydney Sydney Queen Victoria Building Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney


13 thoughts on “Angela’s Birthday Weekend Getaway – Sydney {2014}

  1. I love the hotel design, it’s lavish and artistically put-to-gather. I love the reds used as highlight. Oh not to mention the red silky sofa!

    It’s really sweet of him to arrange a get away for you! Happy Birthday to you.

    Now I know that you’re one year younger than me XD

    1. I really loved the hotel too! The interior designers sure paid a lot of attention to detail! I’m a fan of dark furniture with bold contrasting colours, so it was quite nice of James to pick such a room!

      Thank you very much! You must be 23 this year then! ;)

      1. Hahaha Angie, you really made me thought that I’m 23. I’m 25 this year. Happy happy 25 and I just can’t believe it.

        It’s really sweet of James! May all men on EARTH be as thoughtful and considerate as James.

        Are you still doing your studies in Qld?

        1. Oh dear. HAHAHA, I swear I read your comment and thought it said that YOU were one year younger than me. My bad… At least now I know who’s older! ;)

          I just graduated from university in QLD last year! All grown up now! :)

          1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

            Feels good being grown up right?! I’m so excited that I had turned 25. Well, I need extra 5 points for migration, so had counted days to turn 25. XD

            Hahahaha ~ It’s ok about our age, Asians often look younger than Caucasian ~

  2. Oh wow, QT Sydney looks nice. I discovered QT Gold Coast a couple of years ago and I keep going back whenever I get a chance. Our decor isn’t quiite as lavish as the Sydney one looks to be, but it’s amazing value for the money!

    Sounds like you had a great getaway!

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