How We Began Our October + Labour Day Weekend Snapshots

Late post, I know. Interesting things happened over the long Labour Day weekend (almost 20 days ago). On Friday night, we rescued a wild baby koala. We found it trying to, in some strange fit of curiosity, cross a dark street near a dangerous roundabout. Good thing there weren’t many cars going past at the time (it was late). The little guy moved excruciatingly slow and kept stopping halfway as it made its way across the road. James had to get out of the car to coax it forward and to ensure cars coming around the bend would see it!

This happened just five minutes away from my house and in all my nine years of living in the area, it was my very first time encountering a wild koala. Kangaroos, sure. Plenty of kangaroos. But that koala was a rare sight indeed.

We had perfect weather on Saturday, so we went to the beach for a bit of a tanning session. It is now the middle of spring and it already feels much like summer. Surfers Paradise was swamped with people who wanted to get some sun. After that, we headed back to James’ house to have a bit of a swim in the pool. It was a wet and salty Saturday.

Sunday was a bit of a bore. Shops were closed because of the Labour Day public holiday. I wanted to buy fruit at 8:30pm, though. The only place we knew that had a chance of being open was the 24/7 fruit barn at Harbour Town. We rocked up, but they didn’t seem to have any good fruit for sale, so I bought some almonds and macadamia nuts instead. James bought a packet of jam drops. Then we drove home. Except no, we decided to drive around and explore some side streets in Coombabah. We were driving around a deserted neighbourhood. No cars around. Very quiet. Then, we came across a car just stopped in the middle of a narrow street with their headlights on. Right in front of the car was an extremely distressed girl hunched over a guy who was laying semi-unconscious on the ground. There was blood everywhere – on the road, all over the girl’s hands and clothes, streaming from the guy’s head… and there was nobody else around.

It very quickly dawned on us that we’d just stumbled upon the site of a recent accident. I won’t elaborate but the whole incident freaked me out. Turns out the guy had been car surfing and his girlfriend had accelerated too quickly and stopped the car too abruptly, throwing him what seemed like headfirst onto the road. Anyway, we helped as much as we could to calm the girl down and to wait on the paramedics. It really didn’t help that the street was pitch dark and the nearest street lamps were feet away from the scene. That really added to the surreal awfulness of the scene. That girl was terrified and I know that if I were put in her position, I’d be terrified too.

The incident was reported on the news the following day and from what I heard, I believe the guy is alright.

So that was the gist of that intense weekend for you. We didn’t bake, but I made a batch of truffle oil + sea salt + honey roasted almonds & macadamia nuts, the recipe of which I might share with you guys soon! Thanks for reading! I’ll just leave you with some additional random pictures from the following weekend… commencing sexy hair shot in 3, 2, 1…

Comments? Questions? Feel free to say anything!

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