Exploring Kawagoe (川越市) – A Day Trip to “Little Edo”


Day three of the Tokyo leg of our trip, we decided to visit the city of Kawagoe (川越市), particularly its Warehouse District area. We took the train from Shibuya Station to Ikebukuro Station (JR East Yamanote Line), then got on the Tobu Tojo Line and rode the express train to Kawagoe. The train takes you out towards Greater Tokyo, away from the busier commercial districts. It passes many interesting residential areas and it is definitely refreshing to get away from the skyscrapers and the buzzing crowds of the city.

Crea Mall Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe

Upon getting out of Kawagoe Station, locate Crea Mall, a long street crammed full of every kind of shop you can imagine, from florists to ramen bars to large gaming arcades. Keep walking along the mega long shopping alley and you will eventually arrive at a main street lined with charming kurazukuri – old clay-walled, warehouse-style buildings from the Edo Period (1603-1867). The kurazukuri in Kawagoe are exceptionally stunning.

Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe

There are many interesting sights around the Warehouse District, including an old bell tower – The Bell of Time (時の鐘 Toki no Kane) – and Confectionery Row (菓子屋横丁 Kashiya Yokochō), also known as “Candy Lane”, a small backstreet alley lined with stores selling old-fashioned sweets and snacks. James and I purchased some sugar-coated peanuts (grape flavoured) and I bought myself a bracelet strung with polished garnet stones from a beautiful jewellery store.

Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe Kawagoe

We had dinner at a fantastic ramen place on our way back. Mitsuya Do-Seimen (三ツ矢堂製麺) has the fattiest melt-in-your-mouth char siu and the thickest ramen broth ever. Amazing flavour. And their gyoza dumplings are incredibly plump and juicy. Great food to warm you up after a long, cold day.

Kawagoe Ramen Kawagoe Ramen

5 thoughts on “Exploring Kawagoe (川越市) – A Day Trip to “Little Edo”

  1. how great is the train system in Japan? Coming from Sydney, where there are only a handful of stations in the inner city, it was bliss. So easy to get around. Loving your photos!

    1. I agree, the train system in Japan is incredibly efficient! I myself live on the Gold Coast and our train stations are ridiculously far apart, plus the Queensland Rail trains break down quite often (I remember being stuck in one for almost 2 hours because it suddenly lost power, and the upcoming station was literally 5 metres away from us, yet they could do nothing about us being trapped in the train).

    1. Definitely, Kawagoe does remind me of Kyoto too! It has a very old and traditional feel to the place, and I hope it stays that way for a long time! We tried some of the black soy beans that they soften and sweeten. Quite an interesting snack! :)

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