Exploring Tokyo III {Tsukiji Fish Market}

Tsukiji Fish Market

Wary of the ominous clouds overhead, we made our way to Tsukiji Market to wander the stalls and grab a bite to eat. Tsukiji is a wholesale market for fresh seafood and produce in Tokyo, and one of the largest fish markets in the world. Tsukiji is famous for its inner market, where pricey tuna auctions take place each morning, and over 600 billion yen each year change hands. With the abundance of beautiful seafood on display, combined with the chaos of scooters and trucks weaving their way around buyers and sellers haggling prices, Tsukiji is a great tourist experience. However, if the chaos of the inner market is a tad overwhelming (not to mention dangerous) for you, the outer market is just as interesting with its network of narrow walkways packed with seafood, cooking utensils, snacks, and sweets.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tsukiji Fish Market

Unfortunately, we left too late and the skies had finally opened up while we were heading there on the train. There wasn’t much to see by the time we arrived but we still managed to find a small stall selling adorable, intricately-shaped wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery often served with tea). Despite the incessant rain (and lack of cover at the market), there were still enough people there to crowd the walkways with long lines outside the various sashimi restaurants.

White Bean & Red Bean Wagashi Ohagi & Mitarashi Dango Tsukiji Fish Market Tsukiji Fish Market

Irritable from the rain and getting increasingly hungry, we decided to stray away from the main area and found a smaller restaurant with a short line. We had our reservations about whether we had chosen the right restaurant, but our worries were quickly dismissed when we got inside and spotted a photo (and a whole heap of memorabilia that made it seem more like a shrine, actually) of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on the wall, eating at this very restaurant! Good enough for Spider-Man means good enough for us, so we squeezed our way into the cramped counter and ordered the Sashimi platter (¥2300) and Chirashi Don (¥2300). Though the servings were a lot smaller than we expected, they were still beautifully fresh and flavourful, with a nice selection of different seafood.

Tsukiji Fish Market Tsukiji Fish Market Tsukiji Fish Market Tsukiji Fish Market

How to get to Tsukiji Fish Market:
To get to Tsukiji Market, head to Tsukijishijō Station on the Toei Ōedo Line, and take a left when you get out. And do try to go when it’s sunny! We know for a fact that the rain makes for a terrible and inconvenient experience.

Tsukiji Fish Market

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