Weekends with Angie & James | Part V: Coastal Adventure – Point Danger & Byron Bay

Last Saturday, James and I traversed the coast of South East Queensland and crossed the state border into New South Wales. We stopped for a moment at Point Danger to admire all the awesome guys and gals surfing the waves. There is a gorgeous lookout up on the hill and on clear days, you can see Surfers Paradise in the distance. Point Danger was so named by Captain James Cook in 1770 to warn other seafarers of the dangerous coral reefs off the treacherous coast.

After Point Danger, we travelled another hour down the Pacific Motorway to get to bustling Byron Bay. After a quick lunch at Mohka, we went to the beach to catch some sun and observe the crowd. Eventually, we drove up to Cape Byron (the easternmost point of mainland Australia), best known for its 19th-century Victorian era lighthouse.

The lighthouse was under renovation that day but we were more interested in the walking trail. I’d seen wallabies on the hillside and a pod of dolphins frolicking out in the ocean during a previous hike. Didn’t see any this time, but there were still signs of other wildlife (birds and lizards, butterflies and spiders). The walking trail was fun on the way down, but extremely thigh-busting when we had to climb back up the hill! There’s also a pretty neat and fairly secluded beach at the end of the walking trail that would probably make a nice place to have a quiet picnic.

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