Friday Favourites { 9 October 2015 }

Friday Favourites 9 October 2015
1 | This simple, fragrant recipe for coconut cilantro lime rice on Fraîche Nutrition.
2 | Kilo, a Singapore-based open-air restaurant with eclectic furnishings and a gorgeous, charming, laid-back minimalist theme. Love that sexy industrial-esque interior design!
3 | Viviane Perenyi’s photography portfolio features some inspiring and emotive food and travel shots.
4 | Everything on the Vintage & Nostalgia Co. online store! Apothecary jars, enamel saucepans, vintage milk bottles, retro kitchenware… gimme, gimme!
5 | Alex’s banana oat pancakes with cashew sauce. Something I’d like to wake up to in the morning!


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