The Coffee Daily @ Brighton Crescent, Singapore // Nostalgic neighbourhood fix

The Coffee Daily, Singapore The Coffee Daily, Singapore The Coffee Daily, Singapore

Just over a decade ago, I lived in a house just a stone’s throw away from Brighton Crescent. The Coffee Daily wasn’t around then (they launched in 2012, I believe). Today, the row of shophouses there have evolved somewhat. While the area is still a quiet and sleepy one, despite its close proximity to Serangoon Gardens, there’s definitely a reason to make a trip down, if only to see what the cafes here have to offer.

The Coffee Daily, Singapore The Coffee Daily, Singapore The Coffee Daily, Singapore

Don’t let the rustic visage of The Coffee Daily’s entrance turn you off. The interior embraces a minimalist, semi-contemporary layout. If you can, grab the high table near the window for some natural light (your Instagram photos will look best) as the seats at the back of the cafe are quite dimly lit. They have a simple brunch menu and a few sweet treats to pick from, as well as a beverage section that will please most coffee and tea drinkers.

The Coffee Daily, Singapore

Smoked Salmon & Guac (S$15)
A pretty impressive amount of smoked salmon and silky scrambled eggs on some very lovely crusty bread.

The Coffee Daily, Singapore

The Mountain (S$16)
Sliced pork bockwurst, caramelised onions, potato hash and a mountain of truffle-infused scrambled eggs sitting on toasted sourdough.

The Coffee Daily, Singapore

Flat White (S$5) + White Cold Brew Coffee (S$6.50)

Overall, we had a satisfying breakfast. We love the vibe here. It is quiet and peaceful, and makes for a perfect pit stop before venturing back out into the heat and humidity. Many online reviews of The Coffee Daily decry the service quality here, but we didn’t encounter any issues with the staff. In fact, they were quite pleasant and efficient. Perhaps we just went on a good day, but we definitely have no qualms about returning. Be sure to look out for the resident cat that frequents the small stretch of shophouses on Brighton Crescent. Not sure who it belongs to, but it was chilling out the front of the cafe all morning.

The Coffee Daily, Singapore The Coffee Daily, Singapore

75 Brighton Crescent
Singapore 559216
Opening hours: 12pm – 10:30pm (weekdays)
9:30am – 10:30pm (weekends)
The Coffee Daily Facebook


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