Recipe Index

breakfast / brunch

Baked Banana & Soy Oatmeal with Chia Seeds Almond & Coconut Flour Silver Dollar Pancakes Low Carb Crêpes with Strawberries, Blueberries & Walnuts


White Chocolate Chip Matcha Tahini Cookies Savoury Cheese & Fennel Shortbread with Olive Oil + Sea Salt Chewy Oat & Barley Cookies with Coconut & Dark Chocolate Chunks

cakes + cupcakes

Rosemary & Mandarin Orange Pound Cake Chocolate Chip Honey Cupcakes with Matcha (Green Tea) Icing Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

quickbreads + muffins

Chocolate Cream Cheese Walnut Muffins Fragrant Brown Butter Banana Bread with Rolled Barley Spiced Sweet Potato Scones

breads + donuts

Soft & Fluffy Hot Cross Buns Pumpkin & Coconut Milk Cinnamon Buns with Pumpkin Glaze Chocolate & Honey Cake Donuts with Cream Cheese Glaze


Skinny Lemon & Strawberry Cheesecake Dark Chocolate Swirl Matcha Cheesecake

brownies + bars

Orange & Cinnamon Chocolate Brownies Flourless Peanut Butter & Cacao Nib Blondies Eggless Honey and Chia Seed Brownies

flatbreads + crackers

Fennel Seed Crackers Crisp Flatbreads with Honey, Thyme & Sea Salt Sesame and Thyme Almond Meal Crackers


Supercharged Maca & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls Homemade Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Ginger Syrup Simple Fresh Strawberry Cobbler

5 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. Since you are in Oz, maybe try your hand at Anzac Biscuits. Maybe not as flamboyant as everything you cook here, but typically Australian, and timely ahead of April! Loving the photos!

    1. Oh yes, that’s a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve been meaning to bake some Anzac biscuits for awhile now. Now that you’ve brought it up, I shall get right round to it!

      1. To get the warm fuzzy feeling on the inside, take a small batch down to some of the older ladies whose husbands died in WW2 and who remained widows. They will love you for it!

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