Friday Favourites { 4 December 2015 }

Friday Favourites 4 December 2015

1 | With Christmas on its merry way, I can’t help but think of special things to bake. Tieghan’s salted chocolate & marzipan babka at Half Baked Harvest really sets the bar.
2 | I have a love of good ol’ chocolate-y brownies. These rosemary rye ones at Kitchen Vignettes have every right to sit pretty on any holiday feast table.
3 | Seawolf‘s small online collection of sterling silver jewels are all distinctly mystical. Absolutely enchanted by their dainty necklaces.
4 | With their refreshingly unconventional designs, ToniMay‘s sterling silver gem stone rings have got me swooning. The Pegasus Ring is my current ultimate favourite.
5 | The unique marriage of wood and crystal makes some sort of magical sense, as artfully demonstrated by The Crystal Armour‘s organic jewellery. From rings to pendants, they make the earth’s best wares a part of our lives.

Glittering Rocks & Snazzy Geodes @ Yamanashi Gem Museum, Kawaguchiko

Yamanashi Gem Museum Yamanashi Gem Museum Yamanashi Gem Museum

James understands how much of a crazy gemstone lover I am. He was incredibly patient with me as I took my time browsing the Yamanashi Gem Museum’s decent rock collection. They have a lot of shiny jewellery pieces on display, but I was most interested in their raw, roughly cut stones. I don’t care much for over-polished, “brilliant cut” jewels because they all start to look the same (or at least aim to look similar) once they undergo that process – the same refraction, the same transparency, the same sort of colour, the same sheen. At least in their more natural forms, gemstones retain their individual character and beauty. Well, that’s what I think anyway. Continue reading “Glittering Rocks & Snazzy Geodes @ Yamanashi Gem Museum, Kawaguchiko”