Cafe I-Lunga @ Yumekaze Plaza, Nara

Cafe I-Lunga, Nara Cafe I-Lunga, Nara

We discovered Cafe I-Lunga halfway through our amazing exploration of deer-filled Nara back in December. With our faces pretty much freezing off in the 3°C wind, coming across Cafe I-Lunga was a great relief. The cosy, casual little Italian-inspired café provided us with a welcome respite from the biting cold outside and gave us the chance to recuperate and regain our energy. Pleasant location, well-organised space, attentive staff and, best of all, lots of natural light for great food photography. Continue reading “Cafe I-Lunga @ Yumekaze Plaza, Nara”

A Fabulous Day Trip to Nara (奈良市)

Nara Deer Park

Travel enthusiasts will most likely know about Nara (奈良市) – that awesome place with the giant park where tame deer roam freely through the streets, the temple grounds and the shops. Nara, once the old capital of Japan (710-784), is located about 42 kilometres south of Kyoto. If you are staying in Kyoto or Osaka, it is worth making a day trip to Nara to see the gorgeous deer. We certainly enjoyed ourselves! Apart from the wildlife, there are also many historical sites and scenic areas to visit such as the Kasugayama Primeval Forest, the Tōdai-ji Temple and the Kasuga Taisha Shrine (all UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Continue reading “A Fabulous Day Trip to Nara (奈良市)”