Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza with Puréed Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Garlic & Basil

Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza

It’s trivia that everybody already knows, but the history of pizza goes something like this: The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were eating bread topped with olive oil and native spices long before the Italians (we now call this focaccia). Eventually, Italy went one step further and evolved this dish into the one we are familiar with – with tomato, cheese, herbs, and other toppings. Continue reading “Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza with Puréed Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Garlic & Basil”

Rolled Oat Porridge with Honeyed Greek Yoghurt, Blackberries & Chocolate Chunks

Oat Porridge with Honeyed Greek Yogurt, Blackberries and Chocolate

When James isn’t making us his OTT poached-eggs-bacon-&-hollandaise-sauce-from-scratch breakfasts, I usually make myself a hearty bowl of oat porridge with some fruit and honey thrown in. The past few days, I’ve been sprucing up my oats with some chunks of chocolate and Greek yogurt, too. Blackberries have been going cheap at the shops lately. Living in Singapore is pretty awesome – the supermarkets here get stuff imported from all over the world. Korean strawberries are incredible, Chilean blueberries are not so bad either, and we just bought a bag of lemons from Egypt. Back in Australia, fresh produce is typically locally sourced. I mean, rightfully so since Australia is very well known for its quality produce, but it’s always interesting to see what other countries have to offer. Continue reading “Rolled Oat Porridge with Honeyed Greek Yoghurt, Blackberries & Chocolate Chunks”

Herbed Parmesan & Sea Salt Grissini (Italian Breadsticks)

Herbed Parmesan Grissini Herbed Parmesan Grissini Herbed Parmesan Grissini

We had to use the bread flour, the yeast, the parmesan. We were going away on a long, long adventure and the pantry at home still housed a plethora of baking ingredients that had to be taken care of, lest they go unused for months, maybe years. Our decision to make a long-term move to sunny Singapore gave us reason to make these lovely grissini sticks. They were the very last thing we baked before I flew the coop on Christmas Eve (with James to follow in mid-January). Yes, to a different country altogether. Goodbye, Australia. I’m back in my homeland now and, ironically, am starting to feel a little homesick. Also, I am sad to report that the apartment here does not actually have an oven (yet), which means you will not be seeing any cakes or cookies on this blog for awhile. Continue reading “Herbed Parmesan & Sea Salt Grissini (Italian Breadsticks)”

Friday Favourites { 4 December 2015 }

Friday Favourites 4 December 2015

1 | With Christmas on its merry way, I can’t help but think of special things to bake. Tieghan’s salted chocolate & marzipan babka at Half Baked Harvest really sets the bar.
2 | I have a love of good ol’ chocolate-y brownies. These rosemary rye ones at Kitchen Vignettes have every right to sit pretty on any holiday feast table.
3 | Seawolf‘s small online collection of sterling silver jewels are all distinctly mystical. Absolutely enchanted by their dainty necklaces.
4 | With their refreshingly unconventional designs, ToniMay‘s sterling silver gem stone rings have got me swooning. The Pegasus Ring is my current ultimate favourite.
5 | The unique marriage of wood and crystal makes some sort of magical sense, as artfully demonstrated by The Crystal Armour‘s organic jewellery. From rings to pendants, they make the earth’s best wares a part of our lives.

Vegan Almond Coconut Cookies with Tahini + Chia Seeds {low carb, high fibre, gluten free}

Vegan Almond Coconut Cookies Vegan Almond Coconut Cookies

Two recipes in two days?! This hasn’t happened in months, guys! As you know, I’ve been spending a lot more time on travel posts instead, but I’ve been in a foodie mood lately, so you guys get another recipe! This one’s a supercharged cookie recipe that’s VEGAN, HIGH FIBRE, LOW CARB, GLUTEN FREE AND GRAIN FREE! Adapted from Alexandra’s amazing Skin Cleanse Cookies, I added my own tahini twist to them and also used Natvia instead of the higher calorie coconut sugar the original recipe calls for. These cookies are beautifully chewy and have a decadent coconut-y fragrance. Continue reading “Vegan Almond Coconut Cookies with Tahini + Chia Seeds {low carb, high fibre, gluten free}”

Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes with Sweet Tahini Sauce, Blueberries & Almonds {low carb, gluten free}

Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

If you’re in the mood for a healthy, low sugar, low carb, gluten free breakfast, our delicious peanut butter pancakes are the perfect treat for you! Thick, filling and satisfying, these amazing pan-fried gems are bursting with the goodness of healthy fats, fibre and protein. And since I had a jar of unhulled tahini sitting in the pantry, I decided to make a simple tahini sauce naturally sweetened with honey to go over the top. Bellísimo! Continue reading “Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes with Sweet Tahini Sauce, Blueberries & Almonds {low carb, gluten free}”

Friday Favourites { 30 October 2015 }

Friday Favourites 30 October 2015

1 | Gorgeous raw stone and crystal jewellery handmade by Jessica Kramer, who runs the Etsy store HAWKHOUSE. Lots of stunning, organic-looking pieces.
2 | The beautiful work of wedding photographer Hugh Forte, who also finds the time to work on some lovely food and travel shots.
3 | This awesome stack of blueberry banana pancakes found on the Love & Lemons food blog. They’re vegan and gluten free! And quite pretty, too.
4 | This unique, minimalist bud vase, sustainably handcrafted from solid honeylocust wood. Creatively displays four glass tubes for simple and artful flower arrangement!
5 | This colourful recipe for summer berry cream-of-buckwheat breakfast bowls by the wonderful Jo Balfe of Nurturing Kitchen.