Friday Favourites { 23 October 2015 }

Friday Favourites 23 October 2015
1 | This colourful recipe for vegetarian miso ramen with rice noodles, roasted sweet potatoes + sesame broccolini on The Bonjon Gourmet.
2 | The work of Japanese flower artist and botanical photographer Azuma Makoto, who has, for over 10 years now, been taking photos of his 50-year-old bonsai tree in various locations around the world.
3 | Impossibly beautiful timber pendant lights, handmade by Sydney-based Etsy store owner Coco Reynolds.
4 | This beautiful woodturned vase made of apricot wood by Maria Pavluchenko. Just look at that gorgeous grain!
5 | Nicole’s fancy-looking vegan chocolate-dipped avocado popsicles, made pretty with a sprinkle of crushed pistachios and sea salt. Holy yum!

Weekends with Angie & James | Part VIII: Main Beach + Marina Mirage

Weekends at Main Beach, Gold Coast Weekends at Main Beach, Gold Coast Weekends at Main Beach, Gold Coast

We spent the majority of last weekend hanging out at the super chill Main Beach area. The top three highlights for me were: (1) when James made us breakfast on Saturday morning, as he usually does without fail lately, (2) when we went on a photowalk around Tedder Avenue and Marina Mirage (the weather was way too spectacular not to document), and (3) when we had Sunday brunch at Providore with James’ mum and tried the ocean trout gravlax and their surprisingly delicious house-made oat porridge! Continue reading “Weekends with Angie & James | Part VIII: Main Beach + Marina Mirage”

Spring Musings + Friday Favourites

Angie's Friday Favourites

It is well and truly spring on the Gold Coast and there are flowers in bloom, insects in the air, magpies building nests, balmy sea breezes and, above all, people walking about in shorts and skirts and summer dresses. HELLO WARM WEATHER, I’ve missed you.

Friday Favourites { 2 October 2015 }

1 | Katie’s recipe for matcha panna cotta with hibiscus gelée + stovetop black sesame granola on Butterlust.
2 | One Eye Click’s blog, featuring some gorgeous wedding and event photography that’s uniquely Singaporean. Very candid, very human, very up-close and personal.
3 | Stunning handmade light fixtures that double as planters, from Canadian design studio Object/Interface.
4 | A rare look into the lives of the Dukha people of Mongolia, depicted through Hamid Sadar-Afkhami’s breathtaking photographs.
5 | Kim Wallace Ceramics. Impossibly lovely ceramics with a very organic feel. Adore the vintage lace collection too! Based on the Sunshine Coast.

Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries + Homemade Herbed Mayonnaise

Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries

We rejoiced at the opening of the Grill’d outlet at Harbour Town — no more long trips to Robina Town Centre just to get our fix of their mouthwatering zucchini fries (chips, if you’re from around here, but we’ll call them ‘fries’ for the sake of my international audience). Though I suppose we’d travel just about any distance to get our hands on them. Grill’d just does theirs so well. Of course, they’re dunked in a million kilojoules of oil and deep-fried like crazy. Not exactly good for our arteries. That’s why we decided to create our own “healthy” oven-baked version. Continue reading “Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries + Homemade Herbed Mayonnaise”

White Chocolate Chip Matcha Tahini Cookies

White Chocolate Chip Matcha Tahini Cookies White Chocolate Chip Matcha Tahini Cookies White Chocolate Chip Matcha Tahini Cookies

Hands up if you’re still looking for the perfect cookie. Well guys, I don’t mean to brag but this may actually be a contender for the Best Damn Cookie Award 2015. No lie. Some of the best things I’ve ever baked have been directly attributed to blatant experimentation. These super sexy white chocolate chip matcha tahini cookies are no exception. Continue reading “White Chocolate Chip Matcha Tahini Cookies”

Chocolate Chip Honey Banana Walnut Muffins {gluten free}

Chocolate Chip Banana Walnut Muffins Chocolate Chip Banana Walnut Muffins

One of the best things about making a batch of these healthy, hearty, low-carbish  almond flour muffins is the melded fragrance of warm honey, dreamy coconut, toasty banana and melty chocolate during baking. If I could bottle the scent to keep forever, I would. And here’s even better news: they taste as good as they smell! Actually, they taste even better – sweet and comforting and sinfully moist and soft and decadent. It’s hard to believe they’re entirely gluten free. They were so mouthwatering that I had two of them as soon as they were out of the oven, and then another a few hours later. It seems self-control is nonexistent where tasty banana muffins are concerned! Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Honey Banana Walnut Muffins {gluten free}”

Olive Oil Pancakes with Chia Seeds & Dark Chocolate {vegan}

Olive Oil Vegan Pancakes Olive Oil Vegan Pancakes Olive Oil Vegan Pancakes

Last night, James and I attended the Brisbane Night Noodle Markets in South Bank. Halfway through it all, my mum called to ask: “Did you feel the earthquake we had today? It was a 5.7.” My first reaction had been WHAT? AGAIN?! I was genuinely surprised that there had been another one. I replied with: “No, but I felt the one on Thursday. It was a 5.3 and it made the whole house vibrate for about ten seconds. Fudge [the dog] went crazy.” Continue reading “Olive Oil Pancakes with Chia Seeds & Dark Chocolate {vegan}”

A Visual Guide to Asakusa & Ueno {Or How We Started Our 2015 Japan Trip}

Senso-ji Temple, Asakusa Senso-ji Temple Prayers Asakusa Koi Pond

When James proposed a 20-day travelling spree to three very different locations – Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong – I was sceptical of my ability to handle such a long trip. Especially knowing how much we tend to do in a single day when abroad. We’re the type to set out early and not return to our hotel until past 10pm, which results in us having perpetual muscle aches and sore feet from too much exploring. Sometimes we even fall sick from this overexertion. But despite my initial apprehension, I caved and let James plan the entire trip (for which I am eternally grateful). We’re now one week into Japan and I’ve got no regrets so far! We have seen and done so many amazing things. I’m stupidly excited to share! Continue reading “A Visual Guide to Asakusa & Ueno {Or How We Started Our 2015 Japan Trip}”