Singapore’s River Safari 2015 – The Great Panda Wonderland!

Singapore River Safari

The biggest draw to the River Safari is the climate-controlled Giant Panda Forest exhibit, which features adorable red pandas (also known as “lesser panda” or “red cat-bear”) and majestic black-and-white giant pandas. In this day and age of rapid urbanisation, both species are extremely vulnerable to habitat loss due to deforestation. Fortunately, extensive conservation efforts are being made to ensure the survival of these rare creatures. Continue reading “Singapore’s River Safari 2015 – The Great Panda Wonderland!”

The Singapore Zoo 2015 – Oh, Those Cheeky Orangutans!

Singapore Zoo

I’ve accumulated a huge number of photographs from my last two excursions to the Singapore Zoo. From playful lemurs, otters and baby orangutans, to lazy sun bears, proboscis monkeys and giant tortoises, it brings me great pleasure to present to you a wide-ranging selection of the best images from the lot. Be sure to check out the blog post I did back in 2013 regarding this very zoo for even more animal pictures! Continue reading “The Singapore Zoo 2015 – Oh, Those Cheeky Orangutans!”

Jurong Bird Park @ Jurong Hill, Singapore

Jurong Bird Park

Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park is one of the island nation’s four wildlife reserve parks – the other three being the Singapore Zoo, the River Safari and the Night Safari. It is home to over 5000 birds across 400 species. From curious parrots to adorably chubby penguins, fearsome birds of prey to pygmy songbirds, the park is definitely not short of feathered creatures. Continue reading “Jurong Bird Park @ Jurong Hill, Singapore”