Friday Favourites { 4 December 2015 }

Friday Favourites 4 December 2015

1 | With Christmas on its merry way, I can’t help but think of special things to bake. Tieghan’s salted chocolate & marzipan babka at Half Baked Harvest really sets the bar.
2 | I have a love of good ol’ chocolate-y brownies. These rosemary rye ones at Kitchen Vignettes have every right to sit pretty on any holiday feast table.
3 | Seawolf‘s small online collection of sterling silver jewels are all distinctly mystical. Absolutely enchanted by their dainty necklaces.
4 | With their refreshingly unconventional designs, ToniMay‘s sterling silver gem stone rings have got me swooning. The Pegasus Ring is my current ultimate favourite.
5 | The unique marriage of wood and crystal makes some sort of magical sense, as artfully demonstrated by The Crystal Armour‘s organic jewellery. From rings to pendants, they make the earth’s best wares a part of our lives.

Friday Favourites { 30 October 2015 }

Friday Favourites 30 October 2015

1 | Gorgeous raw stone and crystal jewellery handmade by Jessica Kramer, who runs the Etsy store HAWKHOUSE. Lots of stunning, organic-looking pieces.
2 | The beautiful work of wedding photographer Hugh Forte, who also finds the time to work on some lovely food and travel shots.
3 | This awesome stack of blueberry banana pancakes found on the Love & Lemons food blog. They’re vegan and gluten free! And quite pretty, too.
4 | This unique, minimalist bud vase, sustainably handcrafted from solid honeylocust wood. Creatively displays four glass tubes for simple and artful flower arrangement!
5 | This colourful recipe for summer berry cream-of-buckwheat breakfast bowls by the wonderful Jo Balfe of Nurturing Kitchen.

Friday Favourites { 23 October 2015 }

Friday Favourites 23 October 2015
1 | This colourful recipe for vegetarian miso ramen with rice noodles, roasted sweet potatoes + sesame broccolini on The Bonjon Gourmet.
2 | The work of Japanese flower artist and botanical photographer Azuma Makoto, who has, for over 10 years now, been taking photos of his 50-year-old bonsai tree in various locations around the world.
3 | Impossibly beautiful timber pendant lights, handmade by Sydney-based Etsy store owner Coco Reynolds.
4 | This beautiful woodturned vase made of apricot wood by Maria Pavluchenko. Just look at that gorgeous grain!
5 | Nicole’s fancy-looking vegan chocolate-dipped avocado popsicles, made pretty with a sprinkle of crushed pistachios and sea salt. Holy yum!

Friday Favourites { 9 October 2015 }

Friday Favourites 9 October 2015
1 | This simple, fragrant recipe for coconut cilantro lime rice on Fraîche Nutrition.
2 | Kilo, a Singapore-based open-air restaurant with eclectic furnishings and a gorgeous, charming, laid-back minimalist theme. Love that sexy industrial-esque interior design!
3 | Viviane Perenyi’s photography portfolio features some inspiring and emotive food and travel shots.
4 | Everything on the Vintage & Nostalgia Co. online store! Apothecary jars, enamel saucepans, vintage milk bottles, retro kitchenware… gimme, gimme!
5 | Alex’s banana oat pancakes with cashew sauce. Something I’d like to wake up to in the morning!

Spring Musings + Friday Favourites

Angie's Friday Favourites

It is well and truly spring on the Gold Coast and there are flowers in bloom, insects in the air, magpies building nests, balmy sea breezes and, above all, people walking about in shorts and skirts and summer dresses. HELLO WARM WEATHER, I’ve missed you.

Friday Favourites { 2 October 2015 }

1 | Katie’s recipe for matcha panna cotta with hibiscus gelée + stovetop black sesame granola on Butterlust.
2 | One Eye Click’s blog, featuring some gorgeous wedding and event photography that’s uniquely Singaporean. Very candid, very human, very up-close and personal.
3 | Stunning handmade light fixtures that double as planters, from Canadian design studio Object/Interface.
4 | A rare look into the lives of the Dukha people of Mongolia, depicted through Hamid Sadar-Afkhami’s breathtaking photographs.
5 | Kim Wallace Ceramics. Impossibly lovely ceramics with a very organic feel. Adore the vintage lace collection too! Based on the Sunshine Coast.

Fragrant Brown Butter Banana Bread with Rolled Barley + Friday Favourites

Brown Butter Banana Bread Brown Butter Banana Bread

I’ve been meaning to do a ‘Friday Favourites’ series on this blog for quite awhile now. There’s just something fun about curating a personalised list of things each week — picks from all over the web, links to interesting articles, great ideas, pretty objects, delicious food, etc. I know it’s Saturday right now (in Australia, anyway), but better late than never!

Friday Favourites { 18 September 2015 }

1 | Cold sesame noodles with chopped cucumber and bean salad / easy & refreshing!
2 | Photography by Rob Sese / those landscape shots are dreamy & to-die-for.
3 | Salted rosemary lattes / yes, please — two cups if you don’t mind.
4 | Zoofari Lodge, Taronga Western Plains Zoo / closest I’d probably get to going to Africa.
5 | 50 unpredictable & non-clichéd places to travel to in your 20s / this list!

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