Flourless Orange & Hazelnut Cake with Caramelised Walnuts {gluten free}

Flourless Orange &  Hazelnut Cake

It’s been a long while since James and I had a proper baking session, so we decided to whip up this insanely moist gluten-free cake on Saturday. Most of you are probably familiar with the classic orange and almond cake, so we decided to put a little spin on it. We used ground hazelnuts in the recipe instead of the usual almond meal, a concept that has served me well in the past. This cake is a little time-consuming to make, mostly because you’ve got to boil and then purée a couple of oranges before you even start on the cake batter. But it’s all worth the effort, guys. Believe me.  Continue reading

Weekends with Angie & James | Part III: The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise

My older brother and a few relatives from dad’s side of the family have come to visit this week! As a result, my parents have been housing five extra people over the past few days. This is the first time in a very long time that any of my aunts or uncles have decided to drop by. I can only recall a single instance about 5 years ago where something like this has happened. As you can imagine, this visit is quite new and special to us. Anyway, before the week got all hectic and draining, James and I spent a lazy Saturday afternoon in Surfers Paradise. We enjoyed a lovely beachside lunch at Elston and it was nice to just sit there and observe people walking along the esplanade while sipping on our iced coffees and digging into our lunch. Continue reading

Cafe I-Lunga @ Yumekaze Plaza, Nara

Cafe I-Lunga, Nara Cafe I-Lunga, Nara

We discovered Cafe I-Lunga halfway through our amazing exploration of deer-filled Nara back in December. With our faces pretty much freezing off in the 3°C wind, coming across Cafe I-Lunga was a great relief. The cosy, casual little Italian-inspired café provided us with a welcome respite from the biting cold outside and gave us the chance to recuperate and regain our energy. Pleasant location, well-organised space, attentive staff and, best of all, lots of natural light for great food photography. Continue reading

Weekends with Angie & James | Part II: A Lunch Date in Brisbane

Brisbane Brisbane

We drove up to the vibrant city of Brisbane on Saturday, parked at West End and took the ferry to South Bank (the North Quay terminal is currently under construction). One of the first things we did was get our Gong Cha fix at Elizabeth Arcade. And just to let you know, there is a very well-stocked natural and organic health food shop next door called My Little Health and they offer many vegan, raw and gluten free hand-crafted desserts. It is also a great place to stock up on your kale chips, coconut water, Quest Bars, activated nuts and what have you. Continue reading

Orange & Banana Breakfast Muffins with Shredded Coconut

Orange & Banana Breakfast Muffins

For a more filling and satisfying breakfast, start your morning with these spiced orange and banana muffins! They’re super simple to make – just throw some flour, baking powder and spices into an awesome concoction of butter, eggs, dark brown sugar, orange zest, mashed banana and milk. Spoon the mixture into paper cups and sprinkle some desiccated coconut over the tops to make them extra pretty. Bake for less than half an hour and voilà! Super delicious muffins for brekkie! Continue reading

Weekends with Angie & James | Part I: Breakfast at Elephant Rock

We got up exceptionally early on Saturday to drop Ann and Steve off at Coolangatta Airport, then proceeded to have a lazy breakfast at the charming Elephant Rock Café, located along the scenic Currumbin beachfront. There was a visible storm out at sea, glorious and frightening, but it was still intermittently sunny where we sat. Smoky coffee and hearty food, the sound of crashing waves and the smell of the salty sea air, the clinking of cutlery and the chatter of patrons, the rolling clouds above and the sporadic rays of sunlight – it was an incredibly relaxing morning. After filling ourselves up on eggs and salmon and sausages and caffeine, we took a slow walk around the precinct, savouring the ocean view until it started to drizzle (boo). Then we jogged back to the car, went for a drive around Burleigh and finally made a quick trip to Robina to pick up some groceries for dinner. The sky started to clear up again by the time we got home. Continue reading