Stunning Views from the Skypoint Observation Deck @ Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Q1 Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise Q1 Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise

YOO HOO, long time no blog. Here are some great shots from the Skypoint Observation Deck on top of the Q1, taken when my good friends Jeanette and Chen came over for a visit back in November ’15. I loved having visitors to look after! James and I had a blast taking them to our favourite spots, though this was my very first (and probably last) time to the top of the Q1. The view was spectacular that day, made all the better thanks to the passing rain clouds in the distance giving the whole landscape a very surreal, magical appearance.

Q1 Observation Deck, Surfers ParadiseQ1 Observation Deck, Surfers ParadiseQ1 Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise Q1 Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise Q1 Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise

Actually, now that I’m looking back at these pictures, I am a little overcome with homesickness. April marks my fourth month in Singapore.

Kinfolk Café @ Bourke Street
, Melbourne // A Not-For-Profit Café with Heart and Soul

Kinfolk Cafe, Melbourne Kinfolk Cafe, MelbourneKinfolk Cafe, Melbourne

The concept at Kinfolk is an unusual one. The cafe calls itself a “social enterprise”, and while it does the usual things a typical city cafe would do (i.e. serve coffee and breakfast to the working class and the out-of-towners in the middle of a crowded CBD), Kinfolk also does things a little differently. It is a well-oiled business driven by a dedicated team of volunteers from all ages, races and genders. And here’s the thing: they give away 100% of their profits to their charity partners. In fact, they have raised more than $150,000 for various projects since opening in 2010! Continue reading

Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza with Puréed Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Garlic & Basil

Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza Thin-Crust Pancetta Pizza

It’s trivia that everybody already knows, but the history of pizza goes something like this: The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were eating bread topped with olive oil and native spices long before the Italians (we now call this focaccia). Eventually, Italy went one step further and evolved this dish into the one we are familiar with – with tomato, cheese, herbs, and other toppings. Continue reading

Wimbly Lu Chocolates @ Jalan Riang // The Cosiest Little Neighbourhood Cafe

Wimbly Lu Chocolates, Singapore Wimbly Lu Chocolates, Singapore Wimbly Lu Chocolates, Singapore

Here’s yet another café within walking distance from our place, located on the same street as Rokeby Bistro. And like Rokeby, they do decent coffee. Wimbly Lu Chocolates is probably one of the best places to get dessert, but their weekend breakfasts aren’t half bad either. Prices are reasonable, service is lovely. Table sizes are compact, making Wimbly Lu incredibly ideal for lovey-dovey couples on romantic dates or small gatherings up to four. It’s a pretty cosy space with a red brick wall running one length of the narrow café, dark wood flooring, wrought iron ornaments, and a glass roof halfway down the back to allow natural light to flood the otherwise minimally lit interior. That’s +500 hipster points, I say. Continue reading

Mount Faber & the Henderson Waves Bridge – Southern Ridges, Singapore

Mount Faber, Singapore 2016 Mount Faber, Singapore 2016 Mount Faber, Singapore 2016

It seems we have subconsciously decided that our mission in life is to visit all the greenest parks and nature reserves in Singapore, if our past trips to Fort Canning Hill, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the Botanic Gardens and the ridiculously-hard-to-get-to Sungei Buloh Wetlands have been any indication. Whoever said Singapore is just one huge concrete jungle has got it absolutely wrong. And our spontaneous evening visit to Mount Faber last week only reinforced the fact that if you’re willing to stray just a liiittle off the beaten path, you’ll come to realise that there is actually WAY too much green in this country. Continue reading

Monniker @ Balestier, Singapore // The Ultimate Steampunk Cafe

Monniker Cafe - Balestier, Singapore Monniker Cafe - Balestier, Singapore Monniker Cafe - Balestier, Singapore

My cousin recommended this place and even took us there himself, so of course I had high expectations. In a nutshell: no regrets! The food at Monniker is actually pretty decent. In fact, what I ordered went above my expectations. But before I get into the food, let’s talk a bit about the cafe itself. Launched halfway through 2015, Monniker is only just coming out of its fledgling stage. As an attachment to Aqueen Hotel Balestier, I’m guessing quite a number of the customers are guests to the country, but from what I’ve heard, plenty of locals have got their eyes (and taste buds) set on this place too. For a really good reason. Continue reading

Rolled Oat Porridge with Honeyed Greek Yoghurt, Blackberries & Chocolate Chunks

Oat Porridge with Honeyed Greek Yogurt, Blackberries and Chocolate

When James isn’t making us his OTT poached-eggs-bacon-&-hollandaise-sauce-from-scratch breakfasts, I usually make myself a hearty bowl of oat porridge with some fruit and honey thrown in. The past few days, I’ve been sprucing up my oats with some chunks of chocolate and Greek yogurt, too. Blackberries have been going cheap at the shops lately. Living in Singapore is pretty awesome – the supermarkets here get stuff imported from all over the world. Korean strawberries are incredible, Chilean blueberries are not so bad either, and we just bought a bag of lemons from Egypt. Back in Australia, fresh produce is typically locally sourced. I mean, rightfully so since Australia is very well known for its quality produce, but it’s always interesting to see what other countries have to offer. Continue reading

Singapore Botanic Gardens – For the Love of Orchids (And Other Colourful Things)

Singapore Botanic Gardens 2016 Singapore Botanic Gardens 2016 Singapore Botanic Gardens 2016

One should really only attempt a serious visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens on a cloudy day, or in the evening. If the sun’s out, you’ll probably bake to death trying to get from one end to the other. That said, if you can find a cool day to pay your visit, you’ll find that it is well worth your while, especially if you like the colour green or have the patience to seek out and observe local wildlife. Continue reading

Sentosa Island – Chinese New Year Decorations at Resorts World {2015 vs. 2016}

Sentosa Island Beach, Singapore Sentosa Boardwalk, Singapore Sentosa Island, Singapore

Well, I think I’ve kept them sitting on my laptop for long enough. I found a bunch of vibrant photos I took during our multiple visits to Sentosa back in January 2015, so I figured: why not compare them with the photos I took at Sentosa just last week? Here, I present to you the Chinese New Year decorations at Resorts World, taken during the year of the goat and the year of the monkey. It’s like a past versus present juxtaposition project! You’ll also find many pictures of the lovely views from Sentosa Boardwalk and Palawan Beach in this gallery. Continue reading